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Hair Extensions By Jodie Aftercare Guide

 Micro Rings, Nano Rings, Keratin Bonds,  LA Weaves, Plaited Weaves, Mini Tubes & Shrinks

Quick Styling Tips

Updated July 2017

  • Do not wash Bonds for a period of 48 hours from application. (Washing your hair in this period could prevent them from hardening in your hair) 
  • When washing your extensions, do not be surprised by the extra weight
  • Only wash the extensions for a maximum of 2-3 times a week
  • If you find your roots get oily too often within this period then I recommend using a dry shampoo or wash the top layer only of your natural hair.
  • Ordinary shampoos and conditioners that are not made specifically for hair extensions can cause damage to the extensions.
  • Dry the roots thoroughly first and then rough dry the hair with the hair dryer, ensuring the end of the hair dryer does not touch the hair.
  • Avoid using hooded hair dryers as the hair extensions and especially Micro fusion bonds can get damaged by the excessive heat.

    Maintenance appointments must be attended every 4-6 weeks

Washing And Drying Hair Extensions Step By Step Guide

Updated July 2017

  1. Hair must be brushed before washing to remove any tangles.
  2. When washing the hair the head must be tilted backwards under warm running water and hair extension shampoo or clarifying should be smoothed on the hair.
  3. Gently massage the scalp with your fingertips, using a downwards zigzag motion (avoid circular motions as these can cause tangling and matting)
  4. The hair should be squeezed gently after shampooing to remove excess moisture and conditioner must be applied to mid-lengths and ends only, avoiding the roots this can be left on for 5 minutes as a treatment.
  5. Rinse the hair thoroughly and remove excess water by squeezing the water out and wrap hair in a towel for 10 minutes.
  6. Apply Argan Oil to the mid lengths and ends of the damp hair and a wide toothed comb should be used to gently comb through the extensions, working upwards starting at the ends and working your way up brushing downwards.
  7. Hair should be blow-dried on a cool setting with the air flow pointing downwards, this gives a shine to the hair.
  8. Once all of the hair extensions are completely dry, apply a small amount of Argan Oil to the ends of the hair extensions and use a paddle or loop brush to brush through.

Maintenance appointments must be attended every 4-8 weeks

Aftercare Guide

Updated July 2017

  • To prevent your hair extensions from knotting while you sleep, your hair should be plaited.
  • You should use a soft pillow to prevent the extensions from digging into your scalp.
  • Never go to bed with your hair extensions damp/wet.
  • You should always use a hair extension paddle brush.
  • Starting at the mid-lengths of your hair, hold each section for support just above where you are brushing and brush downwards towards the ends.
  • Never brush the extensions when the hair is wet.
  • You can expect to lose between 5-20 extensions during the 3 months of wear.
  • You should not wear your hair up tightly for the first two weeks.
  • Sun beds are fine as long as a towel is wrapped around your head before hand.
  • Avoid chlorine and sea water coming into direct contact with your hair extensions. Tying up your hair or wearing a hair cap is advisable.
  • High buns and top knots work well with extensions on holidays
  • The sun can leave hair extensions dry so apply conditioner to the ends and Argan oil regularly.
  • Be careful not to get tanning oil onto the hair extensions as it can alter the shade in some cases.
  • A human head loses between 70 - 100 hairs per day, therefore some of the hairs that have come loose naturally may be caught in the extensions and will be viable at the root, you will able to see some loose strands with the roots attached, this is perfectly normal.

Maintenance appointments must be attended every 4-8 weeks

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