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Aftercare Range

Beauty Works offer a wide range of aftercare products, pro-long the life of your extensions

Dry Shampoo Light Blonde 150ml - £11.99

Dry Shampoo Dark Blonde 150ml - £11.99

Dry Shampoo Light Brown 150ml - £11.99

Dry Shampoo Dark Brown 150ml - £11.99

Shampoo 50ml - £3.99

Shampoo 250ml - £11.99

Conditioner 50ml - £3.99

Conditioner 250ml - £11.99

Heat Protection Spray 50ml - £3.99

Heat Protection Spray 250ml - £11.99

Argan Serum 5ml -£0.49

Argan Serum 80ml - £11.99

10-in-1 Miracle Spray 50ml- £3.99

10-in-1 Miracle Spray 250ml - £11.99

Wave Maker 150ml - £1.99

Whipped Mousse 250ml - £11.99

Argan Oil Mask 10ml - £0.49

Argan Oil Mask 50ml - £2.99

Argan Oil Mask 250ml - £11.99

Iridescent Shell Brush - £7.99

Medium Bristle Boar Brush - £19.99
Large Bristle Boar Brush - £24.99
Limited Edition Gold Bristle Boar Brush - £29.99
Molly Mae Professional Curl Kit - £89.99
Molly Mae Oval Bristle Brush - £13.00

Beauty Works

The Waver & Professional Wand

The Waver 

Create effortless waves with the three barrel waver suitable for all hair lengths.


Three barrel tool for beautiful S shape waves

80-220*C Adjustable temperature control

Includes a heat protection carry case/mat

U.K. Electrical plug

Heats up with 60 seconds

RRP -£69.99

The Professional Styler

The extra long barrel is suitable for long length hair extensions 


80-220*C Adjustable temperature control

Includes a heat protection carry case/mat

Protective glove

Barrel width is approximately 38mm

Ceramic coating seals the cuticle to produce frizz free and shiny finish

Heats up within 60 seconds

U.K. Electrical plug

Multi-voltage for worldwide use

RRP - £69.99

Discount maybe given on multiple units

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